How to install games on Windows for free!


There are a few different sites to get the game files. The ones I mention are all accepted to be safe and trustworthy. (Please let me know if anything changes!)

Direct Download

  1. GOG-Games

    • GOG-Games come with a .exe to easily install the game.
    • GOG games have no DRM which means what you download here is exactly what you would get if you bought the real thing!
  2. CS Rin


  1. fitgirl-repacks

    • Fitgirl-repacks are a great option as they let you chose what to download. For example you might not need the Chinese language files installed). Because of this the game files are often a lot smaller and fast to download.
    • Fitgirl offers many ways to download but the most common and reliable is through torrents. qBit is the best torrent manager (stop using uTorrent it has spyware, adware)
  2. 1337x

    • 1337x hosts many torrents for many things, games included. Here is a list of reputable game uploaders on 1337x created by RekulousToad. If you guys want a list of good game uploaders on 1337x, here is a list below:

      • FitGirl (Repacks)
      • DODI (Repacks)
      • JohnCena141 (GNU/Linux Pre-Installed Games)
      • KaOs / KaOsKrew (Repacks)
      • Dilling
      • Anadius (Repacks, most known for his Sims4 Repack, you should get that over any other sims4 download)
      • Anybody from CS.RIN.RU (Includes some from this list such as Anadius, FitGirl, and EMPRESS)
      • TinyRepacks (Repacks)
      • 0xEmpress (Denuvo Game Cracks)
      • s7on3r (Game and Crack Uploads)
      • Mercs213 (Old owner of Good Old Downloads)

Games Piracy Megathread

This reddit megathread has lots of useful links and tools for more games!


Let me know what you think below!