Some users have reported that this method no longer works. I’ll keep it up for those that are interested but until a new method is found, this one may not work.

This method will get you paid apps and games for FREE. It works by signing you into an ‘A ID’ which has made purchases in the past. You simply download what you want and then log back into your ‘A ID’.


Before you begin, this is possible on your phone however it is much easier/faster on a computer. The main benefit of the computer is an adblock. Ublock Origin will always be recommended.

The Quiz

Visit this Website and by looking at the pictures, find the app or game you want. When found, click on the post with that image.

Scroll down to the quiz button shown below: Quiz Button Click it then scroll down to the quiz and fill in the answers as show here: Answers

Generate ‘A ID’

Submit the quiz. The way this works is that when you submit the quiz it gives you a number from 0-11. You need a 1 to get the ID which means you may have to do this a few times.

Refresh the page each time you try to reset the quiz.

Once you get 1, it will display “Scroll down to get ID”. Sign out of your ID through the appstore (not anywhere else). Login through the appstore with the new login information and then it will show a security pop up.

Click other options then Do not upgrade


Click on Purchases and then go through until you find your app/game. Download it then logout of the ID and back into yours.

You will have the app/game forever however to update it you will need to repeat the steps.


Let me know what you think below!