Free music and FLAC files!


Slider offers an easy search and download function.


Spotify-dl is similar to yt-dlp but allows you to download from spotify!


Get FLAC files for free using soulseek, a peer to peer music sharing platform.

This guide will use Nicotine+ as an open source GUI for soulseek.

Head to the download section of Nicotine+ and find the correct download for your OS.

Download Nicotine+ and install it, then run it.

Unless you plan on sharing music then don’t worry about opening the port. Skip past this step.

Simply search for the song you want and download it. You can filter by file size or file types as well.

tidal-dl and free trial

This method uses tidal-dl to download music files straight from Tidal.

The tool requires a Tidal account however you can start a 30 day free trial (even for the hifi account) and download as much as you like in the trial!


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