Download all Office 365 Microsoft apps for free!

⊞ Windows


  • You will need 7zip or a similar file manager.

Office Deployment Tool

  1. Download the Office Deployment Tool.

  2. Double click to run the downloaded .exe

  3. Create a folder to save the contents to. Make sure you know where you save the files.

  4. Go to the files in the folder and delete all except for setup and configuration-Office2021Enterprise.

  5. Right click on the configuration-Office2021Enterprise file and open it with notepad or any text editor.

  6. Delete these lines:

<Product ID="VisioPro2021Volume">
<Language ID="en-us"/>
<Product ID="ProjectPro2021Volume">
<Language ID="en-us"/>
  1. Save the file and close it.

  2. Right click inside the folder (with the setup and configuration-Office2021Enterprise) and click “open a powershell window here. (In Windows 11 you may need to go to “more options” first.)

  3. In the powershell window paste this command in by right clicking while having it copied: .\setup.exe /configure .\configuration-Office2021Enterprise.xml

  4. Click enter.

  5. The installer should open and the Office apps will be installing.

  6. Upon completion, all the apps will be installed. To activate the apps proceed below.

Activate The Office Apps

  1. Download MAS.
  2. Extract the folder with 7zip, the password is 1234.
  3. Open the folder All-In-One-Version and run the .cmd file.
  4. Enter 3 for Office activation.
  5. On the next page enter 2 for Office activation.
  6. Done! All Office apps are now activated!


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