This guide will only list basic tools which are commonly needed for sailing the seas.

There are much bigger lists out there for useful tools however this guide will not list every single useful tool in order to keep it simple and easy to read. This keeps it from being overwhelming and confusing for new users.

These are just to get new comers started.

Torrents - qbittorrent

For torrenting qbittorrent is the most commonly recommended. It is open source and light weight.

Transmission and Deluge are other open source torrent clients that are recommended.

VPN - Mullvad

The best privacy respecting VPN which supports port forwarding for torrenting is Mullvad.

Ad-block - uBlock Origin & Fast Forward

uBlock Origin is the best ad-blocker out there. It also acts as a filter which is regularly updated.

Fast Forward is a continuation of Universal Bypass, which skips link shorteners.

Torrent Sites - 1337x

1337x is a popular place for movies/tv and games as well as software. For a list of safe uploaders for games, check this list.

Anti-Virus - Windows Defender + Common Sense

The best anti-virus for Windows, is Windows Defender and common sense. Many anti-virus software just slows down your computer while not being necessary. With uBlock Origin acting as a filter and adblock, and some common sense, you won’t find any problems.

If you have a file which you want to open but suspect it for containing something malicous then you can upload it to Virus Total which will scan it for you.


Let me know what you think below!