The ultimate streaming solution. You get EVERYTHING ever, up to 4k, for ~$4 a month.

Real Debrid is what costs money. It is cheaper than any streaming service while also giving you access to everything! It is ideal as you don’t need a vpn unlike with torrenting. It torrents movies for you and puts them on their servers which is where you stream from. This allows super fast streaming without torrent activity on your end!

Real Debrid

Real Debrid is what is used to provide media.

  1. Go to Real-Debrid and click Sign Up. Make an account and then buy the service. (This link includes my referral code which helps me out!)


Stremio is the service used to display all the movies/TV and where you can have your library. It is the User-Interface.

  1. Download Stremio for your device from Here and set it up by running the installer.

  2. Make an account an then click the top left jigsaw icon to access Extensions.

  3. Search for the “Torrentio” extension and click install.

  4. Then click configure and a website should open up.

(If you can’t find the extension then just go to and continue with the steps.)

  1. Don’t worry about any of the fields except for Debrid Provider. Select Real-Debrid.
  2. Get the api from the link provided and then paste it in.
  3. click Save and you are done!


Search for your media and look for streams with RD at the front. These are provided from Real-Debrid. If one stream isn’t quite right, try another!

Note: Make sure you’re clicking on the actual movie/tv you want to watch for it to load the streaming options


For installing stremio on a firestick you can use this guide.


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